Base64 Encoder & Decoder

This Base64 Encoder & Decoder allows you to encoder & decode strings to and from base64.

Base64 is actually a group of binary to text encoding schemes that are able to represent binary data in the all ASCII characters. This is done so the data can be stored in ASCII, or so that it can be transferred over media designed to only handle ASCII characters. Base64 encoding is primarily used in Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) email messages to transmit data outside of the ASCII character set and to ensure that the data remains intact while being transmitted over the internet. You can read about this in detail at Privacy Enhancement for Internet Electronic Mail. Text is not the only thing encoded into base64, images can actually be encoded into base64 to be used as inline email attachments, or as embedded images in a web sites html or css. Please see our Base64 Image Encoder to help you easily convert images into usable base64 strings.